The Clixsense Money Making Strategy!!

Clixsense is one of the oldest and most consistently paying PTC site there is. You will find thousands of members who will testify to this. Why? Its simple! Clixsense has paid without default. It has one of the most amazing 8 tier referral program, unmatched by any other PTC.

Registration, as always, is 100% free. If you are yet to experience the full power of Clixsense click below


You can find a detailed explanation regarding Clixsense and how you can make money off it at Making sense with Clixsense. Once you have registered for free, follow the steps listed below to earn a decent amount of income.

I am assuming that you are not going to invest any money from your pocket initially. Whatever upgrades you would be buying would be from the clicking income you make at Clixsense.

Step 1: Click your set of ads everyday. I have already stressed a lot on this point in Guidelines to become successful at the PTC business. This is very very important. You have to click your quota of ads everyday. Period. Some of you might notice that after clicking 20-25 ads daily, your account balance increase by a mere 3-4 cents. DON'T WORRY. It will only get better from here. Just keep at it.

Step 2: Unlike other top PTC sites listed on this blog like NeoBux, ProBux, NerdBux etc., Clixsense does not have the concept of Rented referrals. That means your entire earnings will come from Direct Referrals. In addition, Clixsense offers you a host of ways to augment your income. These include ClixGrid, Offers and Tasks. DO NOT MISS OUT ON THESE. They come in very handy to increase your account balance.
I would specifically recommend filling out surveys as these have the highest monetary value. Each survey would fetch you $0.85 upwards so yeah, it is serious money.

Once you register for free and login to your account, you will see the Daily check-list to the right as below

Make sure you complete everything above to receive a nice little bonus. Remember, every single drop makes the ocean.

Step 3:  Once you have $17 in your account, you are eligible for the Premium Upgrade which is valid for 1 year. Checkout the benefits of the Premium upgrade below

The biggest advantage of the upgrade is the 8 tier referral system. This is the USP of Clixsense. No other PTC has it. That is why Clixsense is so successful. What it means is that, if you refer 2 people who refer 2 people and so on..8 times, you would end up getting a downline of 500 members. Wow!! Imagine if each person would be earning you a few cents on average, you would end up adding hundreds of dollars to your kitty. That is the power of Clixsense. 

Step 4: All that is left to do is promoting your referrals link to get Direct referrals. For your benefit, I have included a Simple guide to getting Direct referrals. Don't forget to check it out!!

You can make a lot of money with Clixsense. It is my favourite PTC site to earn money. And trust me when I say this, with a long string of referrals, you can make some serious money!!!!

So what are you waiting for?? Go ahead and register for free below


Thats it!!! It's all math at the end of the day coupled with patience and perseverance. It will get you pass the finishing line in the PTC game. If you have any queries on this or any other articles on this blog, do mail in at

So keep your cool, have patience and most important CLICK everyday.

Click Smart, Click Everyday!!

Click to Riches!!!!


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Click Smart, Click Everyday!!

Click to Riches!!!!