So you wanna win at the GRID GAME??!

PTC sites, in addition to clicking ads, offer many other alternatives for earning cash. I believe the Grid game gives one an exceptional chance of making a quick buck. Most 100% free PTC sites featured on this blog like Clixsense, ProBux, NerdBux, PTC Solution, Scarlet Clicks, Twickerz etc. have the Grid game. NeoBux has AdPrizes which is nothing but a modified version of the grid game.

So what exactly is the Grid game all about??

The Grid is essentially a big square which comprises of small squares. Each square has an ad embedded in it, meaning once you click on any square it will load an ad which you need to see. Except in this case, you don't get paid to view it. What you get instead is a shot to win an handsome amount usually from $5 to $10. Now that is very very big money for watching an ad. The money is distributed among winners like say $2 for 5 winners and so on. As you might have guessed by now, it is essentially a game of chance. Here's how an actual grid looks like on Clixsense. It's called the ClixGrid (by the way, Clixsense was the pioneer of grid games in the PTC world)!!

As I have explained above, all you need to do is click on each of the squares and watch the ad. And pray that you win the jackpot. The best part is you get a shot to win the big prize everyday. 

I have outlined a few pointers which can help you become successful at the Grid game. These are in no way sure shot ideas to make money but you can increase your odds considerably if you follow these.
So here goes....

1. Play the Grid Game everyday - Yea that's right!! You have to play it everyday without fail. Most Grid games give you 20-30 chances on the free membership. Upgrades get even more. The more chances you have, more is the probability of winning. It's really that simple. In my experience, the more you play, the more you win.

2. Try out different patterns - This may or may not work but I've had decent success with it. All you need to do is try and follow a pattern of choosing the squares. One pattern I have tried with success is starting from the top left square then going down diagonally. You can even try by starting from the mid point and branching outwards. I leave it to your imagination. Also, as in Point 1, if you continue to play it everyday you will get the hang of it..what works and what doesen't. Here a snapshot of a typical pattern I use

Like I said, use your imagination and try out different pattern combos. You will definitely succeed.

3. Try and play the game at the same time everyday - Some people have claimed success with this approach. I have tried it myself without any. You should try it out. Maybe it will work for you. 

That's it!!! As I have outlined above, the Grid game is all about probabilities. And yes! it PAYS. The PTC sites actually make a lot of money off it and hence they do not have any problem in paying a portion to us, the clickers. 

Remember, it's all about earning money in the PTC world and the grid game increases the probability of making money. So lap it up. Go ahead, try your luck, follow the steps above and make money!!!!

Click Smart, Click Everyday!!

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Click Smart, Click Everyday!!

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