How to play new PTC sites!!

In this post I shall dwell on how to make money using new PTC sites and how to make the most out of them without or shall I say before being scammed.

It is common knowledge that the Internet is not without it's share of scam websites and the PTC world is no different. Although registration is 100% free you would come across some fly-by-night operators who disappear without a trace. Sadly we cannot do anything about them. You can file a complaint with some International Agencies though, but that's about it. Nothing much can be gained from that.

 I personally love enrolling myself in these brand new PTC sites, especially the ones which have a low cash out option like GladBux, AseBux and ClickHonest . These are featured on  this blog. I shall be adding more as and when I join some. Do come back to the blog for more.

I'd say 1 year is a reasonably long time to safely say that a PTC site is trustworthy especially if it has displayed the following 3 characteristics.

1. It has paid each and every cash out with any defaults.
2. It has not had any issues with payment processors like PayPal.
3. It has not changed it's payout structure suddenly without giving a proper notice to it's members.

If a site shows the above 3 qualities, I would be very comfortable working with it. This is not to say that PTC's who are more than a year old don't go bust! Certainly there are a few who do vanish but we can take a chance with those. Life is all about taking calculated risks/chances isn't it???

I personally like to enrol in new PTC sites with low cash out due to the reasons outlined below.

1. Low cash out implies I get to reach the threshold fast and withdraw my money.
2. I can use this money to Rent more referrals in my Top PTC sites like Neobux, ProBux, Clixsense and NerdBux.
3. I can also use this money to buy upgrades or advertizing spots to promote my referral link which would get me Direct referrals.
4. If the new site is online for 4-6 months from it's inception, I will start looking at using my earnings to rent referrals and/or purchase upgrades on that site and make more money off it.
The points I have listed above are nothing but common sense. This is not Rocket Science. If I can do it, so can you!

As I have mentioned time and again in my blog, the PTC game requires a lot of patience and perseverance,. I might also add that it requires you to keep your eyes open for any money making opportunities that may present themselves. Yes it is true that the PTC you joined may go bust in the future, but by then you have earned sufficient out of it.

I strongly recommend to follow the simple pointers I have listed above and make the most of these new PTC sites.

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