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PTC Solution is a relatively young PTC site but one that has immense potential to join the ranks of the established top tier ones. It belongs to a Poland based PTR group "". The admin's name is Wiktor Glowacki.

As with other PTC sites like ProBux, NeoBux, NerdBux, Clixsense, you have to click ads to make money on PTC solution. Apart from this there are other avenues to augment your income. They are AdGrid, Paid Offers, Traffic Exchange, Super Rewards, Matomy, Crowdflower tasks and token ads.

As usual, registration is 100% free. To register please click below


Once you click the above you will see the following

Click on Register indicated by the Red arrow. Fill in the details like username, email address, PayPal address as mentioned in my first post. You will then receive a verification email and once you click the link in it your account will be instantly activated.

Remember - Almost all PTC sites require that you click ads everyday. Your account will be suspended if there is no activity on your account for 15 days generally (might differ from site to site). Also you won't get any benefits if you don't click everyday. So make sure you CLICK ADS EVERYDAY WITHOUT FAIL. This will also ensure you get paid part of your referral's earnings if you have rented referrals.

The free account you create is a Standard account. There are 3 more accounts to which you can upgrade viz. Premium, Premium Promoter and Premium Maxi Promoter. The differences can be seen in the table listed below

As seen above, upgrading helps you earn more money. Similar to Clixsense, PTC Solution also has a referral system, except that it is 4 tier in contrast to Clixsense which is 8 tier. This means, once you upgrade to any of the 3 accounts, every Direct referral of yours which upgrades, will get you $2 and his subsequent referrals will earn you $1 till 4 tiers. That is a lot of money. Also for an upgraded account, the number of Direct referrals is unlimited. That's potentially an unlimited source of income.

You can check out my post on Direct vs Rented referral to see the advantages of Direct referrals and how to get them.

If you haven't yet registered for free at PTC Solution, click below


Don't forget to check out the FAQ and "Forum" sections on the site. There is a ton of helpful info on these. You might also pick up a few tips on how to make consistent money on PTC Solution.

PTC Solution, though a young PTC site, has shown a lot of promise. It can easily become one of the top PTC sites in years to come.

So join me in becoming part of the PTC revolution with PTC Solution.

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