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Clixten just completed 1 year in the PTC arena on 1st November 2013. It has been consistently paying it's members hence I have decided to include it in my blog. As with my favorite PTC sites like ProBux, NeoBux, Clixsense, NerdBux, PTC Solution etc. Clixten pays you to click ads. 

Other than clicking ads you can make extra income through PTC Wall, ClixGrid, PTSU, Traffic Exchange, Paid to Like, Videos, Matomy and Super Rewards. ClixGrid is similar to the Grid games on most PTC sites. Paid to Like can make you money by liking certain Facebook pages. Check out the extra earnings options. They are easy and fun to do and also earn you the much needed extra moolah which gets added to your account balance.

To register for free at Clixten click the banner below

You will see the following page.

Click on "Register" marked by the Red arrow. Once you click the below page will appear

Enter the details as shown above. Referrer would be me in this case. Enter the email and PayPal address as I have discussed in my first post. Fill in all the details and click on Register. You will get an activation email and once you click the link in it your account would be instantly activated. You can now start clicking ads.

Unlike other PTC sites, Clixten has an Entertainment area as well where you can play games with other online members, chat with them and watch videos as well. To access this, click on the Entertainment Tab on the top of the site as indicated by the Red arrow below

This is a welcome addition as it helps you relax and unwind after clicking ads.

As with other PTC sites, the free membership is a Standard account. Clixten has 4 Upgrades viz. Silver, Golden, Elite and Ultimate. The advantages of these are shown in the table below.

As I always maintain, to earn the most from any PTC you have to click ads everyday as well as complete the other offers. Once you have sizable amount in your account you can start Renting referrals. Obviously, promoting your referral link to get Direct referrals is the way to go as you don't need to pay for those referrals. Having said that, once you have sufficient balance you should certainly look at upgrading your account. The benefits definitely make a good case for an upgrade.

My post on Direct vs Rented referrals will shed some light on why Direct referrals are the way to go in this business!!

Going through all the articles in my blog, you, as a first time PTC member, would have realized that the business and operating model of all PTC sites is more or less the same. They give you a piece of the ad revenue and make money when you upgrade to premium memberships. I feel it is a WIN WIN for all. Of course, it goes without saying that the site has to be one which has been paying consistently without any defaults. You can be rest assured that all the PTC sites described on Cash Hopper are legit and consistently paying. Plus, I am a member of each one of them and I click all ads everyday.

If you are yet to register for the 100% free account do so by clicking below

The cash out at Clixten is a low $2 and you are paid instantly. I have always believed that there is no point in cashing out early (plus you need to pay transaction charges). You have to take your account to a level where you have upgraded your membership and have a sizable Direct and Rented Active referrals. This way you can early a decent dollar income everyday and that is exactly how you can make money with PTC sites. Sure it takes a bit of patience but the rewards are so worth it. You will find it out yourself.

As I always mention, don't forget to browse through the FAQ and Forum pages on the site. They have tons of helpful info which can greatly benefit you in making consistent money online.

Clixten has just completed it's one year anniversary. I am sure it will complete many more.

So join me in becoming part of the PTC revolution with Clixten.

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