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Twickerz is an established PTC which has been paying consistently since the last 2 years. Admin/Owner of the site is based in the Philippines. Similar to my favourite PTC sites like ProBux, NeoBux, NerdBux, Clixsense, PTC Solution, Clixten, you can earn money by clicking ads on Twickerz. 

Registration at Twickerz is 100% free as with all PTC sites mentioned in this blog. Twickerz is a PayPal verified site. If you haven't yet opened a PayPal account check out the step by step guide at All about PayPal.

To register for free at Twickerz please click below


When you click above you will see the following page.

Click on Register on the top right hand side marked by the Red arrow. You will see the following page

Fill in all the details like your username, email and PayPal address as outlined by me in my First post. As usual, once you click on Register, you will receive a confirmation email in your inbox. Once to click on the activation link inside it, your account will be instantly activated. You can now start clicking ads. You need to click "Earn Money" once you login.

Twickerz offers a number of ways to make money other than clicking ads as listed below

You can click on each avenue and start making money. Like other PTC sites, Twickerz also has it's own grid game known as "Twickgrid". Secret to winning at Grid games is to play the game everyday. It is a game of chance but I have noticed that your chances of winning are greatly increased if you play it everyday.

The only way of making decent income everyday from Twickerz is to have a lot of Direct referrals. You can rent referrals as well, each costing $0.20. You can have a maximum of 50 Rented referrals for the Free standard membership. If you need more referrals, you need to upgrade the account. Twickerz has a wide variety of Upgrade options available as listed below

Another point to note is that if you are a standard member once you cash out, you need to wait for 10 days before the next cash out. For upgraded members, the number is reduced to 7 days and below. This, I feel,  is a deterrent and one that was pointed out by a lot of members. Such clauses are not present in the top PTC sites like ProBux, NeoBux and Clixsense. Anyways, that is a call for the site's admin to make.

If you have not yet done your free registration, do so now by clicking below

Don't forget to check out the "Forum" and "Support" tabs at the top of the site. You can get some pretty useful info about the site and how members make consistent money clicking ads and doing other tasks.

Twickerz is a consistently paying PTC site since the past 2 years. It does have a cash out waiting period but if you have a lot of Direct referrals and smartly use the Rented ones you can make good money from this site.

Visit this post for a detailed info on Direct and Rented Referral and what to use for the maximum benefit.

So join me in becoming part of the PTC revolution with Twickerz.

Click Smart, Click Everyday!!

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Click Smart, Click Everyday!!

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