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Scarlet Clicks was launched in April 2009 and has been paying since. Similar to the featured PTC sites on this blog like ProBux, NeoBux, Clixsense, NerdBux, PTC Solution, Clixten, Twickerz, CashnHits, Hits4Pay, you can make money by clicking ads on Scarlet Clicks.

Other ways of making money with this site are "ScarletGrid" , Traffic Exchange and PTSU (Paid to Sign Up). 

As usual, joining is 100% free. To Register, click the following

Once you click the above, the below page will pop up. Click on Register marked with the red arrow.

Once you do, you will see the registration page as below

Fill in all the details including your dedicated email and PayPal address as explained by me in the First Post. If you do not have a PayPal account and don't know how to open one for free, check out the detailed guide at All About PayPal.

Once you click register, you will receive a confirmation email with a verification link. Once you click the link, your account will be verified. You can now start clicking ads.

Scarlet Clicks does let you Rent referrals to increase your earnings. In case you do not wish to rent, you can always promote your referral link to get Direct Referrals. I will guide you on how to increase your Direct referrals in a separate post.

As a free Standard member, you can have a maximum of 200 rented referrals. If you need more, you need guessed it..UPGRADE. The following upgrade options are available with their pricing.

As I have always maintained, the more number of Direct Referrals you have, the more your earnings. Why? Simple! You don't pay anything for Direct referrals.

A big plus with this PTC is it's low cash out. You can cash out once your account reaches $0.3. The cash out increases to $0.4 after that and then remains constant at $0.5. Do note that this is for PayPal only. Payza payouts starts at $1.05. I prefer PayPal any day.

If you haven't Registered yet at Scarlet Clicks for free, do so now by clicking below

As usual, don't forget to check out the FAQ and FORUM sections of the site once you log in. You can get some good advice from the veterans as well as see payment proofs of other members.

Scarlet Clicks is an established paying PTC site. Once you start clicking, you will notice that you don't earn much but be at it. Don't give up. Treat this as your business. And trust me, this business gets super exciting when you start seeing your referrals click for you. That's the real game and that's what I have tried to teach you through this blog.

So join me in becoming part of the PTC revolution with Scarlet Clicks.

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I am a Sales & Marketing executive with 13+ years of experience in different domains. Working in the Corporate world, I always longed to do something of my own. The Internet Marketing business seemed to make the most sense due to it's micro cost for setup as well as sustenance.

I am dedicating this blog to providing a bird's eye view to the world of Paid to Click (PTC) sites. It is my endeavour to provide you with the most authentic information which will help you earn a decent income (in Dollars, I might add), consistently, in the long run.

Let me make it amply clear that this is no highway to fast riches. It is a measured path and one which requires a lot of dedication and patience.

You have taken the first step by coming to this site. I hope you won't be disappointed.

If you have any queries or questions do not hesitate to get in touch with me at

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