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Bucks4Shares has been online since Feb 2011. It is a very stable site with an excellent, honest admin. Site has been consistently paying since inception. Similar to the Top featured PTC sites in this blog like ProBux, NeoBux, Clixsense, NerdBux etc., you get paid to click ads. 

Apart from clicking ads, you can make money by playing the Ad Grid. This is similar to the Grid game available on most PTC sites.

As always, registration is 100% free. To register all you need to do is click the following link


Once you click the above link, you will be taken to the registration page as below



Click on the Register option marked with the red arrow. You will see the registration page. Here you need to enter your basic information like username, password, dedicated email and PayPal email address. Enter these in the same way as mentioned in my First Post.

Once you register, you will receive an email with an activation link. Clicking the link will instantly activate your account. You are now ready to make money clicking ads.

Bucks4Shares makes payments through PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account and need help to open one, go through the step by step guide I created just for you at All About PayPal.

One notable thing with Bucks4Shares is that the pay per click is very less as compared to the other PTC sites mentioned on this blog. Also, AdGrid is the only other option to increase your earnings. You can, however, increase your income substantially by way of Direct and Rented referrals. One thing to note here is that Rented referrals are not always available, especially for the standard free members. So keep an eye on those. Whenever you see Rented referrals being made available, latch onto them.

As is the case with most PTC's, Direct referrals is the way to go as they do not cost a dime. I will let you on the secret of getting Direct referrals in a separate post.

Another option of increasing your income is by upgrading your account. Bucks4Shares has 4 levels of Upgrades available. They are Red (Free account), Green, Orange and Blue Dollar. Most notable difference among them is the rate per click (self and referral) and the interval between payouts. Rest is pretty much common to all. Do check out the upgrade options on the members page once you log in to your account. I highly recommend upgrading.

A big plus with this PTC is the low cashout. I have always maintained that instead of cashing out you should accumulate funds in your account for upgrading to a higher level. This may sound odd, but it will make you a lot of money consistently in the long run. That's how money is made in the PTC universe. You need to have a lot of patience and determination to succeed in this game.Do you have it in you?

If you have not yet signed up for the free account, do so now by clicking below


Don't forget to check out the New Forum page on the top right hand corner of the site. It contains tons of info about payment proofs and tips to make consistent income from this site.

Bucks4Shares is one of the most loved and respected sites in the PTC universe. The admin, Marek, is a favorite of all members. He is one honest and hard working bloke.

So join me in becoming part of the PTC revolution with Bucks4Shares.

Click Smart, Click Everyday!!

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I am a Sales & Marketing executive with 13+ years of experience in different domains. Working in the Corporate world, I always longed to do something of my own. The Internet Marketing business seemed to make the most sense due to it's micro cost for setup as well as sustenance.

I am dedicating this blog to providing a bird's eye view to the world of Paid to Click (PTC) sites. It is my endeavour to provide you with the most authentic information which will help you earn a decent income (in Dollars, I might add), consistently, in the long run.

Let me make it amply clear that this is no highway to fast riches. It is a measured path and one which requires a lot of dedication and patience.

You have taken the first step by coming to this site. I hope you won't be disappointed.

If you have any queries or questions do not hesitate to get in touch with me at thecashhopper@gmail.com

Click Smart, Click Everyday!!

Click to Riches!!!!