The Nerds of NerdBux

NerdBux is another favorite PTC site of mine. It is similar to ProBux and NeoBux in the sense that it has virtually the same kind of Direct and Referral structure. Another similarity (with ProBux) is the Grid game which is aptly called "NerdGrid".

I am going to explain in a separate post how you can successful in improving your chances in the Grid game.

NerdBux belongs to Tim Tech LLC, a registered company having presence in many online traffic exchange sites. Once you register on NerdBux you will keep getting mails from Tim Tech (Justin Ledvina, CEO, Tim Tech) educating you about the various features and how to make consistent money from NerdBux.

To register for free at NerdBux click the following banner.


Once you click above, you will taken to the free registration page which looks like below

Enter your details including the dedicated email and Paypal address we spoke in my First post. You can view a step by step guide on how to create your PayPal id at All about Paypal. Ensure that as far as possible keep the dedicated and PayPal email address the same. It uncomplicates things.

Once you click register, you will receive a verification mail in your inbox. Once you click it, your NerdBux account will be activated. You can then start making money by viewing ads, doing Micro jobs, completing Offers and of course through the NerdGrid. To view these options click on Earn Money tab once you log in as shown below

When you click "View Ads" it will take you to the ads page where you need to click each ad. The ad will open in a new window. You can see the timer on the top left of the window. Once the timer stops, it will ask you to solve a Captcha which is usually to select the Inverted Image out of the ones displayed. Follow the same process until you have seen all the ads for the day. Do this process EVERYDAY.

Apart from this you can make consistent money using Direct and Rented referrals. Each Rented Referrals will cost you $0.2. You can gain unlimited Direct referrals by advertising you referral link to your friends and family.

I will explain how to increase your Direct referrals in a separate post.

Do remember, that the maximum Rented Referrals you are allowed as a Free Standard member are only 100. To gain more money you need to Upgrade your account to "The Nerdiest Upgrade". The benefits of upgrading as listed below.

As seen above, the benefits of upgrade are enormous. You can have unlimited number of Rented Referrals which means your earning potential is limitless. Also if you see that some of your Rented referrals are not clicking ads you can Recycle (Delete) them for free, which again, adds a lot of kick to your bottom line in this business. You can pay for the upgrade through your account balance or through funds in your PayPal account. I highly recommend upgrading once you have sufficient funds.

My suggestion is to start by clicking ads everyday. DO NOT miss a single day as it takes hardly 5 mins to do so. Also, as a standard member, the minimum cash out is $4. Once your account reaches $0.20 start Renting referrals. The game is not cashing out, but steadily renting referrals to push up your earnings so that you can buy the upgrade through your account funds. I know it is tough at the start, but once you get used to it and get through the first 2 weeks you will begin to enjoy it. Money is a BIG motivator. I have always believed in that.

For your benefit, I have written a guide on how you can make consistent money using Rented Referrals. You can check that out here..

Sounds interesting, doesn't it?? So what are you waiting for? If you still haven't joined NerdBux, do so by clicking below


NerdBux is a promising site which has been consistently paying it's members. Also, like I always say, don't forget to check out the "Forum" page. It will give you a lot of info on how others are making money as well as some useful tips from veterans.

Remember the key to PTC success is clicking your set of ads everyday and hoping your direct and rented referrals click theirs. To ensure consistent income you need to have as many Direct and Rented referrals as possible. Always try and promote your referral link so that you get maximum number of Direct referrals. The reason being, you DO NOT have to pay a single dime for Direct referrals.

So join me in becoming part of the PTC revolution with NerdBux - For the Nerd in you.

Click Smart, Click Everyday!!

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Click Smart, Click Everyday!!

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