Say hello to ProBux!

I start my journey through the PTC jungle with one my top PTC sites...PROBUX.

A quick tip before I begin. A good PTC is one that has been online for sometime now and pays consistently to its members without any defaults. ProBux is part of this elite group which has top PTC sites like NeoBux, Clixsense and NerdBux.

ProBux is a 100% free service which lets its members view advertisements and pays them in return. The standard membership (on registration) is free. There are 2 more levels of membership which you need to pay for. They are Golden ($80) and Ultimate ($790). The major benefit of taking these memberships is that it pays you more money per click than the standard membership in addition to other benefits.

As I had mentioned in my first post, the first thing you must do before entering the PTC world is to have a dedicated email address. Through this blog you would be exposed to the best PTC sites which you should join so having a dedicated email address uncomplicates things.

You would also need an online payment processor account like Paypal, Payza or Neteller. I would recommend getting just the PayPal account for this process as it accepted on every PTC website. Also, as stated above, having one dedicated payment processor account uncomplicates things.

You can go through the step by step guide on how to open a PayPal account at All about PayPal.

To open your free ProBux Account click below


Once you click the above link you would be taken to the registration page. You need to choose a username, password, enter your dedicated email address and some other details and you are done.

Once you register you will be asked to validate the account through your email address. Once you do that your account would be verified and you can start clicking ads. Clicking ads is not the only way you can make money off ProBux. They are ProGrid, Tasks and Offers.

ProGrid - This is basically a grid with a background picture. All you need to do is click anywhere on the grid. Each click will open an advertisers site which you have to view for 5 secs. Once the timer ends it will let you know if you have won something or not. You can win up to $5 which is directly credited to your account. As a Standard member you would have a maximum of 20 chances. My advice is to play this game everyday. Its fun and you never know you can easily make some good money which would be helpful to make more money from ProBux. Like they say "Money attracts Money".
Tip - Make it a habit to click ProGrid everyday. In my experience, that increases your chances of winning!

Tasks - You will have to do some simple tasks like verifying information on the net for some amounts of cash.

Offers - These are similar to tasks for which you earn Pro coins.

If you haven't yet joined ProBux do so by clicking the below link


ProBux has an earnings calculator as well under the FAQ option on the bottom right hand corner of the site. You can check that out to see how much cash is possible to earn through ProBux.

So what's the Game then? The real secret to make cash with ProBux is through Direct and Rented referrals.

Direct referrals as the name suggests, are people who join under your id. You get a portion of their income when they click ads.

Rented referrals are people who have joined on their own (not referred) or who have been sold to the admin of the site. You can rent referrals for a period of 30 days after which you can renew them. The starting price for renting referrals is $0.60 for 3 referrals. One important point to note is once you rent referrals you HAVE TO click ads everyday to be eligible to get a portion of your referral's clicks. If you don't click your daily quota of ads the referral benefits won't be applicable for that day. If you see that your referrals are not clicking any ads you can always recycle (exchange for new ones) them for a price of $0.07 per referral.

I will elaborate how to make money daily using Rented referrals in a separate post. Watch out for that!!!

ProBux is part of an elite pane of PTC sites which has been consistently paying its members.

So join me in becoming part of the PTC revolution with ProBux.

Click Smart, Click Everyday!!

Click to Riches!!!!

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